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GRADING REGISTRATION for promotion to next belt...

  • Completion of evaluations are required for promotion to next rank for ages 17 and under.

  • Cost includes belt, authentic certificate and examiner's fee.

  • Until lumber prices decrease, re-breakable boards will be used for gradings. No need to purchase boards.

  • Download the Belt Requirements for Promotion Here!

  • Online Exam links can be found Here!

Use the payment option below if the PayPal option is not visible on your smart device.

- Thank you very much. 

DEAR PARENT/GUARDIAN OF STUDENT: A "Grading" or "promotion to the next rank" is not to be taken lightly! Your child has demonstrated an ability to be rewarded his/her next belt.  Please take a moment to fill out the PARENT/GUARDIAN SURVEY which allows Ms. G. to obtain a better understanding of how well your child demonstrates the tenets of Taekwon-Do at home and in social situations.  Your child will also need to study required knowledge as stated in our curriculum guide.  Please download for him/her.  

DEAR TEACHER/MENTOR OF STUDENT: A "Grading" or "promotion to the next rank" is recommended for a student in your classroom. Please take a moment to fill out the TEACHER/MENTOR SURVEY which allows this student's martial arts instructor to obtain a better understanding of how well this student executes the Tenets of Taekwon-Do while in school and in social situations.

DEAR STUDENT: Congratulations! You have demonstrated not only knowledge of required technique, but also the discipline necessary for promotion to your next rank. The evaluations above will have an impact on your eligibility for promotion.  Therefore, you must always, as an original student of traditional Taekwon-Do carry yourself in a manner that demonstrates the Tenets of Taekwon-Do.  Not only when in uniform, but always! 


As part of a promotion or "grading", you will need to study required knowledge.  It is up to YOU to study the oral portion of your Grading requirements.  You will find everything you need on our "CURRICULUM GUIDE".  Please ask Ms. G. should you have any questions regarding promotional requirements.


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