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Authentic, original Taekwon-Do and Empowering Self-Defense in Central Florida. Taekwon-Do classes are held weekly for children, teens and adults at affordable, family-friendly rates.


Certified International Instructor: Master Golino-Crisco, VII Dan (UITF A-7-17) (Click here for Master G. TKD bio). 

Instruction of our Taekwon-Do program is governed by the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF).  The ITF is an organization founded on March 22, 1966, by General Choi Hong Hi (Korean: 최홍희) in Korea. The ITF was founded to promote and encourage the growth of the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do. The ITF's main functions include coordinating and approving tournaments and seminars, setting standards for teaching (patterns, sparring, destruction), collaborating with affiliated member organizations (hundreds around the globe), and providing member services in regards to rank and certifications.  Choi promoted three men to 9th degree in 1997; Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha promoted July 1997, followed by Grand Master Chuck Sereff and Grand Master KS Hwang in December 1997.  World Class Taekwon-Do is a charter school of Unified ITF, President, Grand Master Hwang.  Below are the founder and original Grand Masters of ITF.

General Choi Hong Hi

Founding Father of Taekwondo
IX Degree Grand Master


Choi, a general in the Korean army, combined elements of Taekkyeon and Karate to develop a martial art that he called "Taekwon-Do" (TKD) (태권도; 跆拳道), which means "foot, hand, the way" or "the way of hand and foot" and it was so named on 11 April 1955. ITF TKD organizations credit Choi with starting the spread of TKD internationally by stationing Korean TKD instructors around the world, and have consistently claimed that ITF-style TKD is the only authentic style of TKD. Choi died of cancer on 15 June 2002 in Pyongyang, North Korea. Choi is listed in the Taekwondo Hall of Fame with various titles: "Father of Taekwon-Do," "Founder and First President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation," and "Founder of Oh Do Kwan.  


General Choi

Sr. Grand Master C.E. Sereff

IX Degree 
Founder, USTF


In 1974, at the request of General Choi, Sereff helped form the United States Tae Kwon Do Federation (USTF). After a 60-year career, Sereff leaves the following message to his members: 

"Promoting over 11,900 students to 1st Degree Black Belt has been an honor.  

Teaching from every state in the United States to abroad in Australia, Japan, Scotland, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Vienna,  and more has given me the insight to understand what the students need and want. My experiences with General Choi Hong Hi were priceless.  They made me a better instructor and help me to fulfill my leadership role. I now look forward to watching the Black Belts step forward and continue my Legacy".


Sr. Grand Master Sereff

Sr. Grand Master Sereff

Sr. Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha

IX Degree

Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha
Father of British Taekwondo

Rhee Ki Ha is a South Korean master of taekwondo who is widely recognized as the 'Father of British Taekwondo' for introducing this martial art to the United Kingdom since arriving in the 1960s, as well as the 'Father of Irish Taekwondo. He is one of the twelve original masters of taekwondo of the Korea Taekwon-Do Association. Following a career in the South Korean military, Rhee immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1967. He was a notable officer of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) during Choi Hong Hi's leadership.


Sr. Grand Master Rhee

Master Michael Bonfiglio
Master Golino's original instructor from approximately 1980-1990
Master Bonfiglio hosted General Choi in the mid to late 80's and encouraged students to attend other seminars by General Choi held in the Northeast.   
Master Bonfiglio is a retired Branford, CT detective who still instructs TKD today.   
gm w master golino.png

Master Golino-Crisco

Sr. Grand Master Hwang

IX Degree 
President, Unified ITF


In 1974, Hwang graduated from the first International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Instructors Course and Umpires Course hosted and taught by General Choi Hong Hi in Montreal, Canada. Hwang took students to train at General Choi's home in the early-mid 70's.  He assisted General Choi in many seminars worldwide.  Hwang simultaneously served as special assistant to General Choi, official spokesman of the ITF, chairman of the ITF promotion and merger committees, and Secretary General of the ITF.  Hwang was one of only a handful of men promoted to 9th Dan by General Choi.

Today, Hwang leads the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation (UITF) and continues to travel the globe spreading the art of TKD as it was meant to be taught by Choi to future generations.  Hwang has been Golino's primary instructor since 2001.  


Sr. Grand Master Hwang

Mr. Alan, GM Hwang, Master G.
Jan. 2020
gm w master golino.png

Master Golino-Crisco

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